Deciding to step into management or ownership can cost you long hours, excessive headaches, and little time for family and friends.  But working with people and helping others become the best they can be is dynamic and rewarding.


As I climbed the ladder in management, I always thought it was my job to mentor, not get mentored.  It took me a while to realize the fallacy in this thinking.  The chair you sit in, will always hold an open spot for good advice, whether you are an intern or the owner of the company.  We all need people we can trust to speak into our lives.


Here are three things a mentor brings to the table:

  1. Friendship
  2. Encouragement 
  3. Tough Love

I have found that with these 3 things, you need at least 3 mentors.  One that fits well in each category and all having your best interest at heart, even when the advice is hard to swallow.  

The work-life balance we all dream of, henges on the things a mentor can bring to light.  Everyone needs a friendship built on sharing internal issues that hold us back, being encouraged during the tough times, and being reminded when you have stepped off track.


As we build our business as a manager or owner, we want people to see the best we personally have to offer so our employees and partnerships can grow and prosper.