It’s decision time! You’ve combed the site over and read all our dumb jokes. Maybe you’re wondering, “Are these people serious?”. You better believe it! Don’t worry, Justin’s mom works here! She keeps us in line. But, seriously, work should be fun. We’re your team! LET’S TALK!

At MOD, our middle name is communication.

That's right. Studio Communication Moderne.

We want you to feel comfortable and we understand that everyone communicates in different ways. So, we have plenty of ways to get in touch with us. Even carrier pigeons! Just kidding. We don’t have those.


For all those “skip the BS” types, we have phones. Pick it up and give us a call. Be sure to leave a message if we miss you.


Aren’t you glad snail mail isn’t still common? I mean, you can write a letter if you want. No judgement here.

But, wait! There's more. Scroll down.

A Present Day Odyssey.

We love to tell a good story. That’s what MOD is all about. But, the best way for us to TELL a good story, is to FIND a good story to tell. That’s where you come in. We want to hear all about you. So, if you’re feelin’ fancy wit ya bad self, fill out the Feelin’ Fancy Form so we can get down to business!

Still haven't found your preferred way to reach out?

Fear not. Here are two more possible ways to reach us. Although, not the most efficient.


Really hopeful this is your thing. We've read up on the subject and it sounds pretty damn cool. Unless you're a supervillain. Hard pass on those jerks.


Depending on where you are in comparison to where we are, we will definitely come running to your aid. Cameras in hand!

Feelin' Fancy Form

For all you over communicators.. Like us!