Being part of a small business can be the most rewarding journey you set out on.  Every business owner and manager alike, loves those days where everything they touch turns to gold.  However, in business we must tuck this old saying in our back pocket, “what goes up, must come down”. There has never been a more appropriate analogy for business trends. So, what do we do when the skies are overcast, and the storms are rolling in?   Here are a few tips that we remind ourself at Mod:



Sounds like a “DUH!” moment, right?  Let’s be straight forward here, business owners and managers are notoriously gifted visionaries.  While heavy vision is key to a great business, we need to make sure we limit the number of runways.  Ideas without specific plans are like planes ready for liftoff, without enough gas to get them off the ground.  Having a plan allows you to be strategic with your time and close each day in the most effective way possible.



Alright, we have a plan and we have limited our runways, now what?   Now, we load the funnel with prioritized ideas. If you are new to the funnel analogy the idea is simple. The funnel is widest at the top. Working off of our prioritized plan we are essentially loading our funnel in efforts to filter things towards the bottom. What comes out of the bottom, or smallest part of the funnel are opportunities or business deals. Sometimes we throw something back in the funnel for more refinement, but you get the gist. The more you toss in the funnel the more likely something comes out.



We all have those weeks where we work a full day, rush home to slam some food down, toss the kids to bed, and then find ourselves working into the night accompanied by the glow of your television. These days are necessary but can lead to tremendous stress and burnout. Rest is just as, if not more important, than hard work. In order to ensure the longevity of your business, and good work-life balance, you will need to find what rejuvenates you. This can be a combination of things.  Sleep, social interaction, hobbies, exercise, and meditation are just a few ways to feel revitalized. Find what works best for you and factor it into step one. It has to be a part of the plan or it will never become a priority.


These three steps are not an exhaustive list for growth, but they are stepping stones to building success in this ever changing environment. Mod finds it refreshing to lean back on this in times of uncertainty, or just as a reset button.  Always keep moving, but most importantly keep in touch with yourself. You are your business, so take care of you! In the event you find yourself discouraged, just know, you have someone rooting for you who has been in your shoes. The Mod team is here for you.  It’s all about leading your team effectively and celebrating the opportunities along the way.